Weavernoy Repair

Piece by Piece, Weavernoy is Back in Business

Last year’s summer monsoons really gave our drinkersWeavernoy Missing Pipe a beating (too much of a good thing)  and Weavernoy was hit hard enough to dislodge 20 + feet of intake pipe from the collection dam and scatter it down the wash like a package of pick-up stix.  April 25, 2015 found our volunteers hiking into the Granite Mountains to repair the damage to this big game guzzler.  Notably, this part of the desert has history written all over the landscape – this is Patton Country, where the exact route to this guzzler is puzzling because of all the historic tank tracks left over from George S. Patton’s 1942 training of troops in the California-Arizona Maneuver Area.  This spring was discovered and named around 1969-1970 by Richard “Dick” Weaver and Floyd Vernoy, hence the name “Weavernoy”. The big game guzzler was built Draining sandsubsequently in April 1974.

We were thankful for cooler temperatures than expected as we hiked into the canyon, carrying tools and plumbing supplies. Part of the crew spent a good chunk of time trying to remove dirt that had flowed into the pipes. The dirt was packed in, and the pipes were lengthy. In the end our best solution was patience, gravity, and agitation while several hands manipulated the pipe. Meanwhile, each length of pipe that had been liberated was threaded back into it’s original location. Fortunately, everything went back into place without the need for patch work.  The check dam was dug out and the Johnson screen was in good shape. The day’s Rotor Rooter - manual stylesuccess allowed a dividend of time to be spent preparing the site for future improvements.  Honest and selfless work brings out the best in all of us – SCBS member Dave Smith felt inspired, he wrote the foregoing poem right there in the canyon amidst the clanking of galvanized pipes and sounds of shovels striking sand.

The team: Tom Barton, Mike Morgan, John Roy, Steve Marschke, Debbie Miller Marschke, Dave Smith, Glenn Sudmeier, Gary Thomas, Zach Thomas, Bill Tuck, Adam Murschal, John Voght, Darryl Williams, Joe Preiss, Jerry Mulcahy, and Ross Garret.  Linda Roy maintained a presence at Base Camp. Encore performance by Gary Thomas, who cooked meals for us – Thanks!   - D.M.


p.s. Joe and Steve used some of the plumbing supplies (and ancient band experience) to form a makeshift band.  Goodbye brass - hello rubber!  One tuba and one didgeridoo.Brass Band?

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